How Hollywood Creates Crowds Without CGI

American Gangster (1,500 Inflatables) – Photograph by The Inflatable Crowd Company

Using real clothing, individual 3D faces and an assortment of wigs, hats and props; the Inflatable Crowd Company helps bring movies and television shows to life by filling stands and creating crowds.

Since 2003, the Inflatable Crowd Company has worked on an impressive list of feature films and television series including: Iron Man 2, Contagion, The Fighter, The King’s Speech, American Gangster, Seabiscuit, Blades of Glory, Ocean’s 13, Friday Night Lights, We Are Marshall, Spiderman 3, The Prestige and Million Dollar Baby.

Many (myself included) assume that most crowd shots are created using CGI and special effects, but The Inflatable Crowd Company shows that there is demand for their craft. The fact that their work is not widely known outside of production studios is a testament to how good they are at creating believable crowds of people.

Check out the gallery below of their work and process below and be sure to visit their official site for more information:

[First spotted on Reddit]

1. The King’s Speech – 1,500 Inflatables


2. The King’s Speech – 1,500 Inflatables

3. Angels and Demons – Prepping 550 Inflatables

4. Inflatable Crowd Prep Work in Atlanta

Inflatable Prep Atlanta

5. Inflatable Crowd Prep Work @ Morris Brown College

Moris Brown College

6. Contagion – 200 Inflatable Dead Bodies

7. Inflatables Fill the Stands

Photograph via sammw on Reddit

8. Jonah Hex – 75 Inflatable Crowd People

9. Friday Night Lights Inflatable Crowd Prep

ALmost 8000

10. Prep Work at an L.A. Sports Arena


11. Inflatable Crowd Prep Work @ Tulane University

Inflatables at Tulane University June 2OO8

12. Filling the Stands with Inflatables in Los Angeles

Los Angeles


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